Mindful Vibin'

Tools to Improve Your Mood

June 01, 2021 Dr. Jennifer Huberty & Coach Douglas White Season 1 Episode 22
Mindful Vibin'
Tools to Improve Your Mood
Show Notes

In this episode we introduce to you, in detail, three greatly effective calibration tools.  These tools can aid you in your times of distress to bring you back into a more stable and happy feeling place.  They can also be used to amplify an already good feeling moment for yourself.  It's a lot of information to take in so you may want to listen to this episode in pieces.  This will be here for your referral at any time!

Emotional Guidance Scale for Practice:

Emotional Guidance Scale Example:

I don't like it when/Who am I really:

Focus Wheel:

Thank you for listening and we know this will bring you the relief you are wanting to feel!

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