Mindful Vibin'

Self Love (movement)

March 30, 2021 Dr. Jennifer Huberty & Coach Douglas White Season 1 Episode 13
Mindful Vibin'
Self Love (movement)
Show Notes

Most Americans are not participating in regular physical activity. Lack of physical activity can lead to negative physical and mental health outcomes. Today’s episode explores how to learn to shift our thoughts about physical activity and be successful at moving (loving) our bodies. 

Here are a list of references we shared in this episode: 

Stacie Morris - The Physiofix - @thephysiofix 

Udaya  - online yoga - www.udaya.com (use ASU X UDAYA for a discount code) 

Jen’s two favorite spin instructors 

  • @brittnyking - @HUSTLEhouse fitness 
  • Kristina Girod @thekirstinagirod

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