Mindful Vibin'

To create or not to create...Routines!

February 02, 2021 Dr. Jennifer Huberty & Coach Douglas White Season 1 Episode 5
Mindful Vibin'
To create or not to create...Routines!
Show Notes

Did you know routines can play a large role in how we feel?  Morning routines may improve mood and productivity throughout your day.  Evening routines allow your body to prepare for sleep and may help improve sleep outcomes such as our ability to reach a state of deep sleep.

In this episode we dive into routines.  Are they good for us?  Why is that so?  How do I go about creating one?  What is the most beneficial emotional state to be in while creating a routine?  All that and more will be discussed in this weeks episode along with some homework and examples we have added into the show notes below.


Morning Routine Example:

Evening Routine Example:

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