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Emotional Awareness - Appreciation/Segment Intending (4 of 4)

January 26, 2021 Dr. Jennifer Huberty & Coach Douglas White Season 1 Episode 4
Mindful Vibin'
Emotional Awareness - Appreciation/Segment Intending (4 of 4)
Show Notes

Did you know that the neural pathways of the brain that are associated with how we feel when we socialize and experience pleasure, are the same that are engaged when we practice gratitude or appreciation?  Feeling grateful or appreciative also creates a state of relaxation in the body and helps to reduce stress.

In this episode we continue to give you action items for living a happier and healthier life.  Appreciation and segment intending are two more ways in which to keep yourself feeling up to speed with your life. 

Finding time to add these two processes into your daily routine will naturally return you to or keep you in a better feeling place.  The more you are able to practice a better feeling place, the more things will come your way that will be pleasing to you when they come.

We have added a few examples of appreciation lists and also segment intending lists.  Please use them as guidance and not the only way to practice these processes. 



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